Very Appropriate for Our Rainy Day

Our farmers would like to see several more days of rain, but probably not 40 days and nights. This very bright baby quilt was made with Avlyn fabrics. The Noah’s Ark print is adorable, and the green polka dots coordinate perfectly. I also used those strips I told you about yesterday – the Borders & More line from Avlyn. I couldn’t find a picture of the yardage in this particular colorway, but here it is in Christmas colors: AVLYN BORDERS & MORE Yes, I think I have some of that, too.

The Flying Geese strips and the Goose Tracks blocks are all printed instead of pieced. Black borders on either side of the strips made it look more like real piecing. For a more “authentic pieced” look, I could quilt around each little piece. Yeah, right…. I’m thinking that when I get around to quilting this one, I will just stipple it. Much faster!

7 thoughts on “Very Appropriate for Our Rainy Day”

  1. Thank you! I like bright baby quilts. The ones I made for my own babies were so soft and sweet that my boys ditched them as soon as possible.


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