A Dish Soap Apron – because it makes me happy!

I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. It’s so delightfully kitschy – how can you not smile?  I scrolled through Pinterest this morning, looking for “retro kitchen” and “dish soap bottle dresses” ideas, and I came across this website: Home in the Finger Lakes. I printed out her pattern, but I made it… Continue reading A Dish Soap Apron – because it makes me happy!

What is a Mug Rug?

This useful little mug rug for your table or your desk, is a safe and pretty coaster where your coffee mug can rest. It makes a handy mouse pad and a crumb catcher, too, so enjoy your morning coffee with a muffin and the news. Mug rugs make excellent Christmas gifts, alone or as the… Continue reading What is a Mug Rug?

Autumn Quilt

In addition to the seasonal quilt over the fireplace, I set a new autumn table runner on the mantel. Table runners are perfect for fireplace mantels and piano tops as well as dining room tables! The painted mason jars were a pinterest project. I needed a non-fabric craft to do one day, and those were… Continue reading Autumn Quilt

Snowflake curtain

We have a window that angles right onto the street corner, with a miniblind that doesn’t work. You know how it is… the miniblind is large and matches the other four (in a very odd color) so I can’t afford to replace it, and I don’t want to make curtains for just the one window… Continue reading Snowflake curtain