The Stockings are Hung By the Chimney – or Anywhere

Christmas stockings are a big deal in our family. When I was a little girl, we had a split-level house and the stockings were hung on the half-wall in the livingroom. There were just five of us for a long time, and then my mother added more stockings as we married and grandchildren came along. None of us had large families, but they added up. The grandchildren married and had children of their own.  Last year, there were 28 stockings on my parents’ mantle. (Actually, as you can see, Mom had to move their stockings up to the wall, to make room.) In 2015, my parents welcomed two new great-grandbabies, so they will be up to 30 stockings!

Mom has strict rules about Christmas stockings. Most of the grandchildren dated their spouse a long time – 3 or 4 years – before they married, but no one gets a stocking until they are legally married into the family.  It doesn’t matter if they are with us for every holiday and special occasion – no wedding ring, no stocking.

It’s a family tradition my husband and I have continued. In 1985, when we lived in Germany, there were only three of us. Our stockings hung from a windowsill!


Our family has grown, too, over the years. We had 12 stockings in 2014, and we hung them on a clothesline, celebrating Christmas at our oldest son’s house.  Another grandson was born this year, so we will have 13 stockings to hang on our new fireplace!


My plan is to make coordinating stockings – not matching, and I am not embroidering names on them! I’ve made many quilted stockings over the years, to give as gifts or as class samples or to sell, but ours are an eclectic collection so far.

We put candy and small, inexpensive gifts in the stockings. It’s the place for the “I know this isn’t very exciting but I thought you might need it” gifts, like Minnie Mouse toothbrushes, ponytail holders, lip balm, pencils, etc. I have Disney-themed band-aids for the grandkids’ stockings this year. Won’t they be excited?

Do you hang stockings?   What do they look like?    Where do you hang them?    What do you put in them?


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