I Lost 143 Pounds

If you are a regular reader of the GloryQuilts blog, or if you know me “in real life,” you know that my fabric stash has become a real burden to me. If it wasn’t all neatly sorted and labeled, I would have to accept the “hoarder” label, but the fabric was out of sight and… Continue reading I Lost 143 Pounds

The Prettiest Quilts are Made for Autumn

There are pretty quilts for every season and occasion and decor, but the rich colors of autumn are my favorites. My favorite autumn quilt is a Maple Leaf quilt with beautiful autumn colors. I didn’t limit my palette to greens, browns, golds and reds; I used purple and blue and black, too. It hangs on… Continue reading The Prettiest Quilts are Made for Autumn

Efficiency in Upcycling

After reading yesterday’s blog article, a friend asked me how to get the most fabric from a shirt. She knows this is a particular skill of mine: pinching pennies until they turn into dollars. I may not have grown up during the Depression, but I’ve always been attracted to stories about the Westward Expansion period… Continue reading Efficiency in Upcycling