Teaching Granddaughters to Sew – No Greater Joy!

Sewing for my granddaughters is a pleasure that sometimes gets lost in the business of quilting and sewing for others, but I do love it.

This is one of my favorite patterns, suitable for girls of all ages. I’ve made several of these skirts for my two granddaughters. It’s a simple swing skirt with a yoke and bound hem. The binding at the hem gives it better twirlability and a nice flared shape. It’s a quick skirt for me to make, and I have done several for each of them. They like having matching ones.

alanna skirt

This week, while Alanna was  visiting, she made the skirt all by herself.  I cut it out and basted part of the binding at the hem, but she chose the fabric and did all of the sewing, using the serger as well as the regular sewing machine. It’s quite an accomplishment for a ten-year-old!

I don’t have a speed control on my sewing machine or serger, so it was a challenge for her to maintain a consistent seam allowance. When she had to do a seam over again, she did it with a cheerful and willing spirit. I love that girl!

Teaching granddaughters to sew and quilt is a joy to me!

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