Snowflake curtain

We have a window that angles right onto the street corner, with a miniblind that doesn’t work. You know how it is… the miniblind is large and matches the other four (in a very odd color) so I can’t afford to replace it, and I don’t want to make curtains for just the one window of the five, etc…  But it’s like being on one of those TV shows where your life is on display. Any time it’s lighter inside the house than outside, drivers and pedestrians can’t help but look in.

I had done this earlier this year, with regular paper, and it hadn’t turned out well for several reasons. Then a little boy in Bible study ran his fingers through it… so I got Matthew to clean the window and have been planning to do something else.

So… as I was clipping coupons Saturday afternoon, I noticed that the double pages were quite large. I abandoned the coupons and cut a lot of snowflakes in a few different sizes. I used a pan of water to wet each snowflake and stick it to the window. They were drying and falling off faster than I could get them all up there, but eventually I finished and sprayed over them with that spray snow stuff.  They were so pretty then — they looked like stained glass windows with the sun behind them. I let them dry there, because they were pretty to look at, until they fell off. I waited until dark to take the “after” picture.

It’s not a perfect privacy screen – more like lace curtains – but it helps and still lets light in during the day. And it makes me happy to look at it.




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