We Really Need Some Rain

I finished another Noah’s Ark wall quilt! I made the top several years ago (okay, it was probably 15 years ago) for a class sample. The pattern is Debbie Mumm’s, and she designed most of the fabrics, too, except for the animals. The animal fabrics were fun to shop for! I found an “ant” fabric in a nice gold color and decided it could go on the back of the quilt. You know… the ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah! Very appropriate for the story of the Ark. I machine-quilted it. As usual, I haven’t done the hand-stitching of the sleeve or binding yet. I save that for traveling or “sitting” time. I finished one of the Cowgirl Boots wallhangings and started another at the softball game last night.

I also did that client project that I mentioned, and I am working on an order for another client. A productive weekend!

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