I have a naked wall!

At Christmas, my husband made a fireplace for me.  In addition to giving me another opportunity for decorating (and hanging the stockings I may eventually finish), I now a big space over a fireplace mantel, perfect for displaying seasonal quilts. I’ve always rotated seasonal quilts throughout the house, but with this new wall, I need to make some more!

I want an Americana quilt that uses softer, more rustic reds, whites/beiges, and blues.  Not primaries, not cutesy, not primitive.  I will probably piece it instead of doing as much applique as I did for the last two quilts.

I made this one for Christmas. I used a sort of vintage/folksy/rustic/elegant theme for Christmas last year, but I wanted a quilt that would be versatile enough to accommodate different styles of Christmas decor.

Christmas Quilt over the fireplace 2014 http://www.gloryquilts.com

I left the Christmas quilt up until I finished the Valentines Day quilt. This quilt was a little more challenging because I knew it would probably stay up longer – I didn’t want it to be too specifically Valentine-y.  But here it is, after Memorial Day, after Flag Day, and getting close to Independence Day! So I took it down today, and that wall looks embarrassed without any clothes quilts on. If I wait much longer, I could just segue into autumn, right?

Valentines Day quilt over the fireplace mantel 2015 http://www.gloryquilts.com

Do you have seasonal quilts? How often do you change them? Where do you display them?