The Bride’s Quilting Bee – A Guest Post today at The Writer’s Block

Author Catherine Castle, of The Writer’s Block, invited me to write an article about quilting in community for her blog. I shared about the Bridal Quilting Bees and the Baby Bees. Check it out!


Looking for Fresh Bridal Shower Ideas??


If you are looking for creative bridal shower ideas, consider having a Bridal Quilting Bee! It’s fun for all ages and the bride – instead of potholders and mixing bowls – goes home with an heirloom quilt top and memories of a day spent working and talking and laughing with the women of her family.


Many brides are already independent when they get married. They don’t need kitchen gadgets, and a bridal lingerie party is just embarrassing. I meet with the bride before the quilting bee to choose the quilt pattern and fabrics. We can design it all online and then order the fabrics online or buy them locally.

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