Look! A Squirrel!

I love to start new projects. I’m easily inspired. I go up to attic to find a piece of blue fabric and end up bringing armfuls of things back down to my sewing room: fabric for a dress for one of my granddaughters, a backing for a tablerunner, some fabrics to make a new tablerunner, a piece of wool to use for an interlining for some potholders I want to make, a piece of lace that may be big enough for a curtain for the back door… Then, if I have time, I might actually start some of those things. Frequently, I cut out all the pieces and maybe even do some sewing. But then I need a piece of blue fabric and run up to the attic to get it.


I have been cleaning out the attic, finishing some of the many projects I have started and abandoned. In the past six days, I have finished up a flannel baby quilt, two tote bags, and a tumbling blocks wall quilt. Just the top – I can’t afford to buy battings and backings for everything!

Now I am working on another kind of unfinished project. I’m making a Rodeo Princess quilt — cowgirl boots in pink, purple and other girly fabrics, sparkly whenever possible. It’s so cute! I had all the boot pieces cut and coordinated, so last night I cut out the background and heel fabrics and even got two boots finished. Those pieces were cut when I was making another one, and I decided that while I had the appropriate fabrics out and I was already cutting, I might as well cut out enough for a second quilt. Or maybe a couple more quilts. It was fun to select fabrics for that one, so I just kept going. I finished one of the quilts and – SURPRISE! – stuck the rest of the pieces in a box in the attic.

I’ll post some pictures later, but I am easily distracted by the computer, so I am staying up in my sewing room as much as possible. With my netbook and very close to the door to the attic, of course.