Looking for Fresh Bridal Shower Ideas??


If you are looking for creative bridal shower ideas, consider having a Bridal Quilting Bee! It’s fun for all ages and the bride – instead of potholders and mixing bowls – goes home with an heirloom quilt top and memories of a day spent working and talking and laughing with the women of her family.


Many brides are already independent when they get married. They don’t need kitchen gadgets, and a bridal lingerie party is just embarrassing. I meet with the bride before the quilting bee to choose the quilt pattern and fabrics. We can design it all online and then order the fabrics online or buy them locally.

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

I should be at the craft sale right now, hawking all the quilts I have made recently, in the evenings and weekends and even some early mornings before I go to my day job. But instead,  I have some “down time.”  The thunderstorms started last night and have abated periodically, briefly, to tease us, before starting up again. Weather.com assures me that it will end in an hour. That was the forecast three hours ago, too.

Quilts can dry without damage if they get wet, but my friend Ruhama will be selling handmade cards, scrapbooks and other paper art, and those don’t do well in the rain.  We are going to wait until the rain stops before we set up.

It’s a salutary lesson in the folly of thinking we are in control. God knew I needed a time of repose between the frantic preparation and the event. He does that sometimes. Into the relentlessness of daily life, with its mandatory appointments, He can toss a blizzard. Everything comes to a screeching halt. We can’t even open the door sometimes, because of the drifts, and even if we could shovel out the car, we can’t drive on the roads. We just hope the power stays on.

So too is this peaceful morning. The business will come.

At least it wasn’t a blizzard.

Chocolate Fest Arts and Crafts Sale

The Jaycees are sponsoring an arts and crafts sale at Echo Park this year during Chocolate Fest here in Burlington, Wisconsin. Chocolate Fest is a BIG event here, held on Memorial Day weekend.  This has me motivated to sew as much as I can, in the spare moments between work and other responsibilities. It’s been fun.  Even if all the visitors are drawn to the free Nestle Crunch candy bars instead of the craft show, I will have a stock of new quilts for etsy!





Do you have a bride-to-bee in your life? Create an heirloom quilt and a precious memory at the same time, with a GloryQuilts Women of the Family Bridal Bee.

A new generation of women is reaching adulthood. These women value family history and relationships, and they want to establish extended family ties that will last beyond their own lifetime. Separated by busy lives and distance, many of us seldom have the opportunity to really visit with our mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, nieces, and old friends. A quilting bee provides this opportunity. Conversation is easy when the hands are busy. There will be time for leisurely reminiscence, catching up on current events, advice on marriage and motherhood and life in general, laughter and maybe a few tears. New brides and new babies are wonderful reasons for women to come together.