Jobs and Hobbies

I have heard it said that it’s good to make your hobby your job – to do what you love, to make money from it. Do you agree with that? Sometimes I do, and other times I wish I felt free to just design and sew for pleasure, for me or for gifts.

I have been working outside of my home for the past year, and it is harder to find time to sew enough to make real income. Often, I am just too tired to go into the sewing room! If you work outside your home — or if you have a high-maintenance household (children, for example) — how do you keep the joy in creative work and actually make time for it? Is it all about organization? Self-discipline?

Can creativity be accomplished on a schedule? Obviously, you can allot a certain time frame for the actual work, but can you be creative like that?

There are several ladies on etsy who make good money with their sewing. They are very talented, efficient people, and I hope their ability will rub off on me. Check out the Quiltsy listings!


Share your thoughts… how do you do it all?


Red, White and Blue

I love red and white! My bedroom is all red and white/offwhite. I have a lovely little statuette of the Apple Girl from the painting by Carl Larsson. My bed is covered with red and white quilts, and I have red and white pillows and wall hangings. Last Christmas, all of my decorations and paper were red and white. I collect red and white coffee cups!

But since I have used up all of my red fabric (the quilts, pillows and wall hangings!), I have decided to do some blue and white this winter. I even painted a small bedroom in preparation for it. (We have an empty nest now, so there’s plenty of room for creativity!) The walls are blue, and the trim is white. I found a lovely, long-ish white lace valance at the thrift store and painted an old dresser. My sweet sister in law made me some pillowcases with handmade lace trim. It’s all quite feminine, which is fun after raising three sons!

In addition, my kitchen is (and has been, through many moves) blue and white with yellow highlights. One of my bathrooms is blue and white, too! It’s a classic combination. Antique blue and white quilts are valuable collectibles.

I will also be making some doll quilts for etsy and my website, so be watching for them!