So sick

I am a baby when I am sick. In good health, I fret about GMO’s and pesticides and excessive carbs, but when I am sick, I want canned soup and drugs. Theraflu is good, but lately I have been taking Alka Seltzer Plus Cold and Flu. Antibiotics, if appropriate. Essential oils if possible. (Not oregano. That STINKS.)  I spend a lot of time in bed, propped up so I can read, write or play computer games while listening to audiobooks.

I did manage to get a few things finished: I got the quilting on the Mariner’s Compass wall quilt all done, I caught up on mending, cleaned my sewing room (I do this all the time and it never makes a lick of difference. I just mess it up again.), I mapped out next week in my Erin Condren Life Planner, I did quite a bit of writing and editing, I made a couple cards, I went groxery grocery shopping, and I had two root canals.  I had been praying for good health for the dentist appointment, and God answered that prayer. The first root canal “didn’t work.” After an hour of trying to drill through, the dentist gave up and sent me to an endodontist, who started all over and succeeded.  You can be sure that I will be watching the billing for that first “attempt” at a root canal.

I now have a small stack of quilted quilts ready for binding. That means it’s time to haul out the television and hook it up to the computer for a netflix marathon!


Okay, fine. I put up the maple leaf quilt.

Winter lasted a long time and then summer wasn’t very warm here in Wisconsin this year. I kept hoping for a few more glorious days of summer. But… I finally caved in and brought the “autumn decor” box down from the attic. The maple leaf quilt is on the wall, summer is officially over. I will put up the rest of the decor and quilts tomorrow.

Don’t misunderstand – I love autumn decor in my home. I just wanted a little summer first.


What do you make, what do you like and what do you live with?

Hello, my name is Cathe and I am a quiltzo-phrenic.

Over the past 26 years (I can remember because I started when I was pregnant with son #2), I have made hundreds of quilts and quilt tops. Recently, someone asked me, “What kind of quilts do you make?” I started to enthuse about red and white quilts, then I remembered how much I like warm autumn colors, and then I thought of the splashy, vivid quilts I like in winter. But she had asked, “What kind of quilts do you make?” , and that’s not always the same as what I like or what I live with.

I make quilts:

1. To sell. I sell quilts locally, on etsy and on my website. If flannel baby quilts are a popular item, then I make some of those. If primitive plaid wall hangings are in fashion, I make those. Some quilts are commissioned, so my client requests certain colors and patterns.

2. Because I want to try out a technique or pattern. Even then, I keep the end result in mind and choose fabrics accordingly: for sale, for a gift or for myself.

3. As a class sample.

4. As a pattern prototype. When I write patterns, I make several of the item.

5. As a gift.

6. For myself.

7. Just because it makes me happy.

8. Because I have 300# of 2″ strips and I MUST use them up.

As for “what I like” and “what I live with…

Sometimes the quilts I like best live in the closet because I don’t have a use for them at the time. I love blue and white quilts as well as rich plaid quilts. I like Civil War era quilts and Depression Era quilts. I like pink and coral and yellow and purple. But… My current home is a rather shabby Turn-of-the-20th-Century Victorian house. Not an elegant Painted Lady, but definitely very traditional with wood floors, tall windows and high ceilings. The walls and trim are gentle, warm colors. The bedrooms are similar colors. I have one little bedroom I have decorated for my granddaughters, but even in Wisconsin, that bed doesn’t need six bright quilts. The quilts I make for my home are appropriate to the style of the house and they make me happy, too, but I have some very pretty ones in the closet!

I think it’s good to be an eclectic quilter. Experimenting with different fabrics and techniques stretches us. It’s like reading books of different genres, listening to a variety of music or trying foods from different cultures. We may or may not like those new things, but we always learn something in the process.

What new quilt project have you attempted lately? Did you like it? What will you do with it?




The Prettiest Quilts are Made for Autumn

There are pretty quilts for every season and occasion and decor, but the rich colors of autumn are my favorites. My favorite autumn quilt is a Maple Leaf quilt with beautiful autumn colors. I didn’t limit my palette to greens, browns, golds and reds; I used purple and blue and black, too. It hangs on the wall behind my dining room table or on the back of the couch if I feel like hanging a different quilt in the dining room.

Yes, I do have enough quilts that I can rotate the quilts I use to decorate seasonally.


One sign that I love autumn quilts: I very seldom have any for sale. I want to keep them!

Do you like autumn quilts? Christmas quilts? What are your favorite?