Gift Basket Giveaway!

Mug Rug Gift Basket

Just in time for Christmas, I’m giving away this awesome gift basket featuring a GloryQuilts Mug Rug! It also has a fun coffee mug, Mountain High coffee, Bigelow French Vanilla tea, Godiva French Vanilla coffee, Alpine spiced apple cider mix, and some of those fancy dark chocolate rolled wafers!  Yum!  Keep it for yourself or give it as a Christmas gift.


Glory Quilts Mug Rugs

And if you sign up for the newsletter when you enter the drawing,  you will also get the free chevron quilt pattern!

Be sure to check out my Etsy store for more of my handmade quilted items – Shop handmade this Christmas!

And I’m taking a survey… what is your favorite quilt pattern?


Note:  This giveaway is only available for shipping to USA addresses.

57 thoughts on “Gift Basket Giveaway!”

    1. I’m sorry! I wish international shipping wasn’t so expensive! Maybe next time I will do some kind of digital giveaway – a kindle book or amazon gift card or something.

      If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get a free pattern, but that’s not as fun as the gift basket. 😦

      Thanks for the kind words!

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  1. The first quilt I ever made is my favorite. It is so easy. I found it in Good Housekeeping (I think) years ago. It is a quilt you can make in just a few days, start to finish, but you don’t actually quilt it, you tie it instead. I think it was Around the World.


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    1. Yes, scrap quilts just seem “real” to me. Even when I buy fabric to make a quilt, all the leftovers go into my stash. My stash now takes up a lot of room in my attic!!


  2. I love the wedding patterns – my mom just passed away in October and she was the quilter in the family! She made some beautiful things and I’ve acquired her quilting machine and hope to make some in her memory!

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    1. I am sorry for your loss. Her quilts and her machine are a treasure. I hope you do make some quilts and enjoy memories of your mom while you work on them.


    1. I just started making those a few years ago, and I think the important thing is having a good pattern. If all the pieces are cut right, like a puzzle, it’s not that hard to sew. I mean – it’s still curved piecing and not as fast as many modern patterns, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I have a small one on my guest room wall, and I just finished one for a client, but otherwise I like to make table runners.


  3. I like a lot of different quilts……I don’t have a favorite. I just wish I had the time to learn to quilt. When I homeschooled the kids, I saved all these quilt books for when I have more free time…….still don’t have the time. Someday………

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    1. I’ve only done a couple small Cathedral Windows pieces. It’s a pretty pattern.
      I have a really good pattern for a Mariner’s compass quilt! 😀 LOVE that one!


  4. My favorite quilt pattern, I suppose isn’t really a pattern at all. Just your basic patchwork quilt made from scraps of clothing and fabric are a treasure. My MaMa quilted and my PaPa built her a quilting frame that hung from the ceiling. All MaMa’s friends would come over and gather around and start quilting by hand. As they progressed from the outside in, PaPa would roll the quilt on the frame sides making it smaller.

    I remember hours of sitting on the floor playing under the quilt watching the needles flying in and out. Listening to those ladies talk and laugh and eat. My MaMa had a piece of chalk tied to an end of a string and that is how she marked the lines where she would stitch. I look back and wish I had learned to quilt beside her.

    I still have the quilt she made me when I was a young girl. My daughter has it on her bed now.

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  5. I’m not sure I have a favorite quilt pattern, but I do lean towards modern designs. I have made all 100 blocks in Tula Pink’s City Sampler Modern Quilt Blocks. Just a few days ago, I used 25 of them to make a baby quilt. It turned out so well! duchick at gmail dot com

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    1. The log cabin is one of the best traditional patterns! The first real quilt class was a “Log Cabin in a Night” class starting at 7pm and ending at 7am. I was only about 26 then – now I’d never make it past 10:30! Some of the students had rotary cutters and some had to tear the fabric strips. We were young and poor, so I had really cheap fabric. My mother-in-law kept it on her bed for 15 years, though! What a lovely woman.


  6. Usually the favorite quilt for me (is like “Flavor of the Month” lol) is the current one I just finished, or plan to make next! giggle… But I do Loooove anything made with Half Square Triangles!
    Thank you for chance to win your delightful Give-a-way too! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Blessings!

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    1. I’ve been working on a Half Square Triangle pattern; hopefully I will get it ready to sell by spring. I’m really excited about it! They make such nice traditional-looking quilts.


  7. This is too gorgeous for words – you do such beautiful work, Cathe! Favorite quilt pattern – probably Tippecanoe, which I will never, ever make, I’m rubbish at matching points! I also love the humble 9-patch, especially for scrap quilts.


    1. The Tippecanoe is pretty amazing… but yes, a billion points to match, and like the Double Wedding Ring, you need a perfect pattern or it will never lie flat. I think you should try it! Just a little one, like a wall quilt or a table runner. 😀


  8. The first square I learned years ago was the rail fence because it was the easiest one. But you can do so many different things with it. I’ve never machine quilted, just hand-stitched. Thanks for doing this give-away! Everything in it looks fabulous!!


  9. I love love Dresdens…..They are sew easy to make and look hard to do! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, and Thanks to Allie for the help to find you! Happy Thanksgiving


    1. You are welcome. Isn’t Allie a sweetheart?
      My best friend likes to find vintage quilt blocks and finish them. She just did a Depression Era Dresden Plate quilt. The blocks had signatures and dates. It made us wonder why the quilt was never finished. There is probably a story there! I’m writing a story about it now.


  10. Did you make a big one? The color arrangements for Storm at Sea can create such different effects. They are one of my favorites, too. I did a small one once. It was a lot of work!!


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