Christmas Shopping

I was chatting with my friend Beth from One of His Branches , and we were wondering if many people are doing their Christmas shopping yet. I like doing my shopping early, but there are always some gifts that don’t get purchased until the last minute – usually because I can’t decide what to buy. Like so many people, I do a lot of my shopping online.

I have one daughter-in-law who is very artsy, and I can find pretty things for her on etsy. The grandchildren’s presents come mostly from Amazon. I usually make things for the other women on my list. Everyone loves handmade gifts!

It’s always nice if people have collections or hobbies – that makes them easy to shop for! My brother-in-law is a John Deere farmer. We used to buy him John Deere stuff, when we were still exchanging gifts for the guys. One year we gave him a light-up John Deere Christmas Tree Topper.  Now I exchange gifts with my sisters and the guys get together for a male bonding day at the shooting range. They are a lot more enthusiastic about Christmas gifts than they used to be.

We have two rules for Christmas gifts:

1. No gift cards, unless it is for something very specific. Last year we gave my oldest son and his wife a gift card for a bed and breakfast. They love to get away for short trips.

2. Wrapped presents instead of gift bags. There is something special about opening boxed gifts instead of pulling them out of a gift bag. Yes, I know it’s not as environmentally-friendly, but it’s Christmas. 😉

Do you shop early for Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping”

  1. I HAVE started thinking it through, but no purchases yet. Well, I think I’m making one today actually! Need to get my list made!


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