Reporting Progress!

If you read this post about my plethora of unfinished quilt tops, you will be impressed  glad  interested to hear that I matched up 21 of those tops with backings. I haven’t actually done anything with those, but it’s one step closer to having them finished! I reorganized the shelves as I described in that post. I cleared off a bookcase in the sewing room (moved the books into a bookcase in the guest room) and put the fabric on that.  I also made a list of the backings I still need and put it in my purse for next time I go shopping.

hmmm…. I have been to the fabric shop at least four times since I made that list and never gave it one thought. Oops.

2 thoughts on “Reporting Progress!”

  1. Cathe, is it appropriate to advertise the quilt TOP and when it sells, put that one at the top of the list to finish? Just an idea.

    Yeah for matching the backings! One of those things that is so freeing once you get it behind you, right?


  2. Yes, it is a burden lifted!
    I did list a quilt top like that once, about 8 years ago, on ebay, and it ended up taking longer to finish it than the customer wanted. It worked out fine in the end, but it was a lot of pressure at the time. It would be a fun idea if I had unlimited time! 🙂


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