Sneak Peek…. another 2″ strip scrap quilt!

I actually made this one for myself, for a special space in my home. But when I did some measuring (AFTER the quilt was quilted), I realized the quilt is 2″ too big to hang in that space. So I will probably finish it up and sell it on etsy. It’s all done except the hand stitching of the binding and sleeve, and I will do that next time my hubby and I have time to sit down and watch a movie!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek…. another 2″ strip scrap quilt!”

  1. That is beautiful, but I’m sure quite frustrating that it missed where you wanted it by TWO INCHES!! Will you make another one like it that is smaller?


    1. I don’t know. I think I used up most of my green strips making this one. I’ll probably do something different.
      It was frustrating! If I had realized the problem before I quilted it, it would probably have been chucked into the “unfinished” pile.


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