Keeping Me Humble

I was gone for a while, came back, did some chores, took care of some details and sat down to do some work on my newest quilt pattern. Then my husband called. “Do you think you could work on those jeans? You don’t need to do the vest.” He works with troubled teen boys and sometimes brings home their mending. Usually, it’s just a quick repair, but I have been putting things off, working on more interesting (and hopefully profitable) projects, so there was a pile. I confess, my initial reaction was one I have heard before from other quilters and dressmakers: “I don’t DO alterations or mending.”

The arrogance detector started clanging. And the kindness counter took a nosedive. Ouch. So many of my grumbles about having to work outside my home had related to the fact that I was no longer available to minister to others! And this was a worthwhile project. I wasn’t mending jeans for my own kids who could afford to buy new ones. These kids NEEDED their clothes mended. Most of them only had one other pair. And they know from my husband that I am a Christian woman and enjoy doing it as a service to them. That’s a good testimony to some of these young men who have grown up in very bad environments.  He says they appreciate it.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually say those words aloud: “I don’t DO alterations or mending.” I put on an audiobook and plowed my way through the pile of jeans – some of which have passed through my sewing machine before and are still too valued to throw away.  I even mended the winter vest, which should have been finished long ago and will now not be needed until fall.

I hope I never think or say those words again. Mending and alterations – even for those I love, but especially for these young men I don’t even know – are a ministry and service that I can render now that God has freed me from the burden of my stressful job. I need to remember that!

So, no quilting was accomplished today, but meaningful work was done and I feel redirected. I will sew more interesting things tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Me Humble”

  1. You done good 🙂 And now you can get to your quilting with a lighter heart, knowing there’s nothing else you “should” be doing.


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