Winter again… with quilts and knitting, whenever I can fit them in. This whole business of working 40 hours a week really interferes with my creative processes. I barely have time to make a mess before I have to stop. I have also invested heavily in scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies.

Jennie and I had fun playing with our new Cricut machine. Papercrafting is rewarding, possibly because it’s so FAST compared to sewing and knitting and crocheting!  

This weekend I finished up a quilt top and pieced backing for my youngest granddaughter. It’s a simple pattern in pink, yellow, teal and purple. I hope her mama and I can get it pin-basted today, and we will tie it later this week.

Yes, TIE it. The thing is… none of my family really want quilts. They want warm, puffy comforters. I don’t blame them. The last bed quilt I made for myself, when we reorganized the house, is a puffy tied quilt. It’s so nice and snuggly compared to all of my beautiful hand quilted heirloom quilts. This IS Wisconsin, after all!

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