Chocolate Fest Arts and Crafts Sale

The Jaycees are sponsoring an arts and crafts sale at Echo Park this year during Chocolate Fest here in Burlington, Wisconsin. Chocolate Fest is a BIG event here, held on Memorial Day weekend.  This has me motivated to sew as much as I can, in the spare moments between work and other responsibilities. It’s been fun.  Even if all the visitors are drawn to the free Nestle Crunch candy bars instead of the craft show, I will have a stock of new quilts for etsy!




3 thoughts on “Chocolate Fest Arts and Crafts Sale”

  1. Ok, you had me at chocolate, lol – I’d love to come!!! And free candy bars, too….sigh. Why do you have to be so far away, lol!


    1. It would be nice to live closer to you! Yes, Chocolate Fest is nice. It’s a surprisingly large event for a town this size. Our church helps provide workers for cleaning up trash throughout the event, and the festival organization pays the local crisis pregnancy center for every hour we work. It amounts to thousands of dollars each year. We always take a turn, and we get to do good while we enjoy the festival for free!


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